an ancient force of chaos has been unleashed upon a shattered world.

Soul Locus: Cards of Order is a collectible creature tower defense game. Dozens of levels and over 80 Guardians will be available at final release, paired with a rich RPG storyline that takes you through the floating continents of Dalifor. Each Guardian corresponds to one of six types of Soul Locus that define its strategic use in game. Build a team you design, and level up your Guardians how you choose. Each is customizable! See more on our Steam page. 

Now available on Steam early access




Customize a team of powerful creatures to defend your world. Over 80 creatures to collect, raise, and evolve.



Craft Items

Collect items and ingredients along your journey to craft powerful tools and summon guardians.




Different gameplay modes

Play a campaign or test your mettle against endless waves of monsters.

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