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Major Features:

  • 80+ Soul Guardian cards to collect and summon for tower defense.
  • 26 missions including two endless modes.
  • Endless survival missions with random spawns that scale in intensity.
  • Evolve Soul Guardians during battle!
  • Cards level up, players can allocate stats from the inventory screen.
  • Upgrade towers during battle to boost range, damage, and speed.
  • Crafting system -- craft cards to summon new Soul Guardians

Known issues:

  • SFX and animations are in their earliest stages, will be polished over time. 

Coming soon:

  • New quest hubs!
  • Expanded tutorial

In Development:

  • Boss fights and mini bosses.
  • Additional quest hubs.
  • RPG storyline
  • Additional levels


Latest build notes (0.8.0)

  • [New] Patch numbers updated to represent the progress we've been making! 
  • [New] 6 more Guardians added!
  • [New] With the new Guardians, all crafting combinations should be possible!
  • [New] Enemy path preview. Each path will be traced by particles to indicate where goos will move. The particles will also hop through portals to demonstrate the portal connections.
  • [New] We're in the process of trying out new sounds. More adjustments and additions are coming up.
  • [New] Focus Crystals will now float onto the screen and can be picked up by mousing over them.
  • [Fix] Targeting AI improved to prioritize anything on the final path.
  • [Fix] Focus Crystals should not spawn directly over towers.
  • [UI] Added confirmation when starting a mission without selecting a full team.
  • [UI] When Evolving, the stat changes will be displayed.
  • [UI] Added notification when the final wave spawns.