This build introduces Difficulty Settings for each level. Our main goal here is to make the game fun for a variety of players from casual to hardcore. We also want to provide more longevity to the existing content. When you select a map to play, you will be able to choose between three difficulties. Please let us know how the balance feels!

The other big item for this build is a new story introduction which blends beautiful still art with new music and simple animation to tell beginning of Soul Locus' story. Start a new game to check it out.

A number of adjustments and bug fixes are also included in the build. Here are the full patch notes:

[New] Difficulty settings per level. Earn 25% additional gold and experience per difficulty.
[New] New story intro! You can view it by starting a new game.
[New] A new music track was composed for the intro along with new sfx.
[New] Updated the sfx system and added Environmental background sounds to the levels.

[UI] Greatly improved the Level Preview popup to support difficulty settings.
[UI] Improved Tooltips on abilities in the Card Inventory screen.

[Fix] Cleanup of effects on Vortex for better performance. More later!
[Fix] Fixed Splitter spawns to not die the moment they are created. This fixes backwards walking goo behavior. It will also hopefully fix the problem with Endless levels not completing properly.
[Fix] Mini-bosses are now immune to Unsummoning.
[Fix] Evolved guardians should display properly when viewing card info.
[Fix] Other miscellaneous tweaks and clean up.