Greetings, Luminaries!

If it's actually back to school for you.. well, sorry for the salt in the wound. But if you've been waiting to learn how to best send the goos back to the chaos from whence they crawled, this patch is for you! As we prepare for more of the RPG elements of the game, we've revamped our old tutorial, and now take you back to university to really learn the in's and outs of summoning Guardians.

More content and more fixes! We're also working on some big new features. Check out our roadmap section on our store page to see what's coming next!

  • [New] Added a Tutorial starting area. New games begin in the College for a short lesson on game mechanics.
  • [New] Added sounds and improved a few others. More to come!
  • [Fix] Focus crystals reward more focus in later waves.
  • [Fix] Many miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • [UI] The Fast Forward button can be used to start missions.
  • [UI] Focus Crystals display the amount of focus gained.
  • [UI] Improved visual crispness of large fonts and character portraits.