Greetings Luminaries! 

We're excited to bring you a lot of new content with this latest patch! 

We've got a new player ability: Vortex! Try it out in an Endless level and watch  the sweeping attack hit all Corruptors on the level!
For those of you wanting to start a new game, all 6 Soul Locus Guardians are now available to choose! Try out our new Sly and Keen Guardians! We've also updated our Valiant starter, Pilohop with a new ability. 
We've also finalized the art on current Soul Guardians! Check out your team to see the updates!

Complete Patch Notes below!:
[New] Player Ability: Vortex - Damages all enemies and heals the goat. Focus cost and effectiveness go up with each use.
[New] All Six starter choices are now playable. 
[New] All Guardians have the finalized art!
[New] Drag and drop Guardians onto towers!
[Balance] Pilohop has changed Aim into a new ability: Shockwave - On defeating an enemy, deal a small amount of damage to all enemies.
[Fix] Fixed a crafting bug that allowed spamming Combine for duping results.
[Fix] Hacheep should not repeated tutorials after they've been viewed.
[UI] Clicking on the help button a second time will close the help menu.
[UI] When viewing card info, you can now spend attribute points.
[UI] The '+' icons indicating available points can be clicked to spend them.
[UI] The bookmark buttons now layer under pages in the Inventory book.

Let us know what you think of the updates on our Steam Forums! We love hearing from you!