Greetings Luminaries! Today's concept art post shows off how we designed Ambrose the Skycaller, the legendary hero of Dalifor.

Ambrose is a dracophyte, and we decided early on that his design would be based around ginko leaves. These first sketches explored his head silhouette and preliminary clothing design.

We knew early on that we wanted to have Ambrose commemorated as a statue on the Academy grounds. After choosing a direction for his design, we began work on the art for his statue.

This color key is the final design for Ambrose! This art was finished with a separate colorway for the statue used in the grounds. Here you get to see what he looked like a thousand years ago when he founded Skycaller Academy.

We hope you enjoyed looking through the process of creating this hero! The team is working hard on the RPG aspects of the game so you can explore the Academy and visit his statue yourself!