Greetings Luminaries! This week we'd like to show you the process behind designing Hacheep!

Hacheep takes a lot of visual cues from the Great Potoo, a very interesting bird from South America. These initial concepts set up his round shape and nubbly features!

With these two sketches we knew we had locked on to Hacheep's look! At this point in development we hadn't yet decided just how big of a role Hacheep would have in the game, so his expressions are limited. 

Here's the final art for Hacheep that you've seen us using around the Help menus and on our posts. He's such a great lump of a Herald!

We've got some more expressions for him planned, and here's some of the concepts for those! We're looking forward to having you meet Hacheep in game and travel with him throughout the story of Soul Locus.