Greetings Luminaries!

This week we'd like to introduce you to Victoria, another of the characters that will be joining you on your quest through the story of Soul Locus.

Victoria is one of your classmates at Skycaller Academy! She is enrolled in the Corruptor Studies program. Even from an early age, Victoria showed interest in Corruptors. Why do they attempt to destroy Order? She is very pleased to be involved with the leaders of Corruptor research at the Academy and hopes one day to become a field researcher herself.

Victoria is not a Luminary like yourself or Chip and she has also not yet found her Calling. Each Dracophyte has a Calling, and Victoria has not discovered hers yet. This Calling will help direct her life, so she is a bit anxious about not knowing what it is! Despite this, she is a model student and even finds the time to help Chip with his studies as well. 

We hope you enjoy meeting the characters you'll travel with during your time in Soul Locus!