Greetings Luminaries!

We've got an exciting new patch for you this week - The Item Shop is open!

You can now buy a variety of items in game using the coin rewards from completing levels. Save up and craft that rare you've had your eye on!
We've introduced 6 new Soul Guardians, and 4 more levels! Craft and explore and let us know what you think on our Steam Forums!

Full patch notes are here!:
[New] Shop system added. New shop interface for buying different items.
[New] Coin rewards are now tracked and saved.
[New] Town has been unlocked and the first shop open: Buy the ingredients you want!
[New] Six Guardians added!
[New] Four more Levels!
[New] Flurry Ability: Adds Flurry when you hit an enemy. Allies can strike enemies with Flurry to get extra attacks!
[Fix] Prevented mixing invalid crafting combinations. No more broken random card creations.
[Fix] Pause state is preserved after minimizing game window.
[UI] Upgrade menu now specifies if you can't afford or are at maximum upgrade.
[UI] Added a replay button to the victory screen.