Greetings Luminaries!

This week we'd like to start introducing you to the characters that will be joining you on your quest through the story of Soul Locus.

Chip is one of your classmates at Skycaller Academy! He is one of the younger students at the Academy, but he has already begun training as a Luminary. While unable to call up any Soul Guardians of his own yet, he has been a faithful study partner and friend.

Chip has fallen in well with the Joyous Locus, and spends a lot of time in the Skycaller Library where he reads about other Joyous Luminaries and tries to learn from their example in order to summon up his own Guardians. His favorite sport is Rollacross, the spectator sport which keeps roads clear of chaotic debris that breeds Corruptors. His older brother, Kale, is a well known Rollacrosser and Chip looks up to him quite a bit.

We hope you enjoy meeting the characters you'll travel with during your time in Soul Locus!