As told by Monica Forest, Chief Librarian of Skycaller Academy:

Oh, you'd like to know more about Ambrose? This is one of my favorite tales, and we are very lucky to have some of the First Scrolls documenting this event! He never wrote about his early history, but we do have a variety of his works regarding the building of the Academy and his first years on Dalifor and...I'm getting ahead of myself.

Ambrose was a sailor and an artisan, a worldly traveler and a creator of beautiful paintings. He lived with his family in a village by the sea but year after year, he watched the giant waves brought by Chaos destroy cities and places he knew from his travels. Eventually, it happened to his own town while he was away, the whole village lost to the sea.

Now alone, he knew he had to do something, even if he might lose himself in the sea just as he'd lost his village. Ambrose had found his Calling: To save the people of this world. He sailed to the Edge of the Earth, to find the God of Order, the only force strong enough to stand against Chaos. He found the God of Order there, and there his Calling took shape, as a Song. He sang of the destruction from the boiling seas, of his heartache and loss now that he had no home. He sang for help...and he was heard.

Heralds of Order, in the form of beautiful birds, came to Ambrose and lifted him into the sky. He watched in awe as the continents rose with him, out of the sea and safe from harm.  The Heralds stayed with him, teaching him the art of Illumination, giving him the ability to create the cards that summon up Soul Guardians.

In the coming months, he would find others that had the same gift, and he knew he had to help train them, just as the Heralds had trained him. He founded Skycaller Academy to give students and Luminaries alike a place to learn and grow. He even constructed this very library that you stand in today.

I could talk about Ambrose all day, but I'm sure you have a class to go to, don't you Luminary?