Hey Luminaries!

Welcome to the first round of Ask Hacheep! Me! Your friendly feathered...friend!

We got a question about our next big game update for Soul Locus! I'm here to give you all the answers! ....or at least what I could sneak out, heh heh.

So let's get to it. You want screenshots? I got you screenshots! The next update is....Crafting!

This is a real screenshot from the current build!

This is still in progress, but look at that! A new Soul Guardian just waiting to be in your team!

I got these screenshots while the devs weren't looking. Wanna see what happens when you break down a card?

Bam! Magic! Easy! Got yourself the materials to make yourself almost a whole new Guardian!

Got any more questions for me? I love getting questions! Send 'em to me on the website, on the Facebook, the Tumblr, the Twitter, the Steam Forums! I want all the questions!