Greetings Luminaries! Today we're introducing you to the primary enemy in Soul Locus - Corruptors!

Corruptors, also commonly known as "goos", are particles of Chaos energy that glob together in the chaotic areas of the world. Ruins, jungles, bramble filled fields are all great places for goos to gather!

Corruptors have only one instinct: to destroy Order. Things like buildings, bridges and roads are their common targets. It's not uncommon to see small goos stealing away silverware, uprooting plants out of pots and generally being a nuisance!

Luminaries use Soul Guardians to banish Corruptors back to the Realm of Chaos. Build a team of Guardians and do your part to push back the tide!

Check back tomorrow for concept art on the design of Corruptors of all shapes and sizes!

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