We've got a great patch for Soul Locus this week!

On the dev side, we've got an amazing new targeting AI! Each Locus now behaves differently to best use their abilities. Check out the blog here! - http://www.fatlootgames.com/blog/2015/6/19/dev-blog-3-more-targeting

The creative team has been working hard the past few weeks! Not only are we completing the art for Soul Guardians, but also heavy development RPG side. We've finalized the names of all Soul Guardians, so you may see some changes. We've got several updated Guardian portraits, so take a look through your team and see who has an update!

In preparing for the RPG elements of Soul Locus, we've rearranged the map nodes for levels as well. Check out the new map and play the two new levels!

We hope you've all been enjoying Crafting! You can now get ingredients in Endless levels! We hope it helps you craft up that rare Soul Guardian you've had your eyes on.

Come by the forums and let us know what you think about the new updates! We love hearing from our players. http://steamcommunity.com/app/349190/discussions/

[New] Improved Targeting AI. Read about it here! http://www.fatlootgames.com/blog/2015/6/19/dev-blog-3-more-targeting
[New] Endless levels now drop crafting ingredients!
[New] Six more levels!
[New] Many new Guardian portraits!
[New] Finalized Guardian names!    
[New] World map rearranged to support our upcoming story progression.  
[Fix] Status Effect system optimized and fixed to ensure effects are applied.
[Fix] Run while Minimized will continue to play while the Steam Overlay is open.
[Fix] Improvements to both Augment and Evolve.
[Fix] Additional optimization to help with frame rate in Endless Mode.
[UI] Selecting Guardians from the tray visually removes them from the card.
[UI] Clicking outside the Level Preview window will make it close.
[UI] Guardians set as Favorites cannot be disenchanted. Safety First!
[UI] Upgrade buttons will show a tooltip when you can't afford them.