Greetings Luminaries! Today we've got a devblog from our lead developer, Jon! Targeting behavior is one of the biggest factors in any tower defense game, and our team has been working hard on polishing that for final release. Enjoy!

This week's update brings our first improvements to Targeting. We are looking forward to feedback on how these changes impact your experience.

The most important targeting change is that Guardians seek new targets more frequently. This increases the processing time used for AI, but it allows status effects to spread among Corrupters more effectively. Instead of Sly repeatedly applying poison to the same Corrupter until it is defeated, Sly will find the target with the fullest health bar. On the following attack, that target won't have the most health and Sly will switch to another target with more health.

Charming now targets the Corrupter that has traveled farthest. This leads to Charming slowing the front enemy. Once slowed, the Corrupter will eventually fall behind other enemies, who will then targeted for their own application of Charming's slow effect.

Bold, Joyous and Valiant seek to finish enemies and always prefer the target with the lowest health. This isn't the best logic since Valiant eventually reaches maximum benefit for defeating enemies and would prefer high health targets. We'll be looking into better options for this for the next Targeting update.

Keen now targets whatever has the most health. This will often be armored Corrupters which are most impacted by the Keen vulnerable effect.

We've made changes to how Corruptors are defined as targets. Targets are now separated into immediate threats (entering the final lane to the Goat) and incoming threats (in any other lanes). Soul Guardian AI should always attack immediate threats if any are in range. If not, it picks from the incoming threats. If multiple targets equally qualify as best target, Guardians will select the farthest traveled of that group.

The next targeting update will likely focus on logic to select preferred Corrupter types. Keen will prioritize to armored units, Sly to bubbles, and so on. We will base our changes on the results and feedback from this update. We're also planning to add individual targeting preferences for certain Guardians that don't fit the mold of their type. For example, Augross would benefit from repeatedly hitting the same target to spread Sly's poison to nearby Corrupters.

But before we get to that, we'll be focusing on bringing you more content! We continue to build more levels, and we are working towards introducing our RPG dialog and questline. We're also busy polishing up the art for many of the new guardians that were added with Crafting.  There's a new reward item in development that allows certain upgrades to your Guardian cards! Have you ever wanted to keep Kimew in an evolved form? It's on the way!

Player feedback has been instrumental in helping us through the Early Access process, so please head over to our forums ( and let us know how you like the game, and what improvements you'd like to see.