Welcome to Skycaller Academy.

Students from all over Dalifor attend this prestigious school, founded by the great explorer Ambrose the Skycaller after his journey to lift the continents from the sea.

The Academy specializes in training Luminaries and also covers several subjects related to the art of Illumination, such as Corruptor research. Its library holds some of the oldest historical texts of Dalifor, with some volumes rumored to have been written before the lands rose!

Each of the instructors are in the forefront of their fields, and Luminaries are trained in each Locus. Every student must be well versed in each Soul Locus, although most won't be able to summon more than one type by graduation.

Graduations are personal and small. A student's instructors decide when it's time for their pupil to move on, and prepare a special ceremony just for them. In Soul Locus: Cards of Order, your time has come! You've been through the rigors of Skycaller Academy and your graduation is coming soon!

Check back tomorrow for a look into the visual development of the Academy, from concept art to final painting!