It's time for our long awaited Crafting update!
Break down Soul Guardian cards into components, or receive rewards from levels! Craft new cards and collect all the new Guardians we've added!
We have added in saves! We didn't have to wipe any saved games, but you will have to make your way through the levels one more time. Luckily this means you'll get a ton of crafting mats to start crafting!

The full patch notes are below! Head on over to our Steam Forums and let us know what you think of all the updates! What cards have you crafted up?

[New] Crafting System added! Mix items to create Guardians or rarer ingredients.
[New] Additional Guardians are waiting to be discovered through crafting!
[New] Levels now reward crafting ingredients instead of a Guardian card. We'll be adding quests with Guardian rewards later in development
[New] Two new levels. Earlier levels have had art updates to match their map location
[New] Map unlock system. Beat each map to unlock the next! New icon for completed maps.
         Existing saves will start at Map 1. Play through each once to unlock and earn crafting mats!
[New] Updated Save System! You can now create multiple games and try all available Starting Soul Guardians
[New] 'Load Game' added to the Title Screen. World map doesn't offer Load/Save yet, but still auto-saves reliably.
         In rare cases, some old saves may not work, particularly if they never finished the tutorial.
[New] Added Time Played and Monster Count to save data. These will show as "??" until you load your game.
[New] New Guardian Ability: Armed - Deals extra damage based on the number of status effects on the target
[Fix] Optimized projectiles. This should help with frame rate issues in endless mode.
[Fix] Spawns from enemy Splitters will now keep the same targeting priority as the Splitter they came from.
[Fix] Keen damage bonus now applies correctly.
[Fix] Fixed a freeze bug with quitting to title, then starting a new game.
[UI] Added Rarity stars on Guardian cards.
[UI] Added an Auto-save indicator.
[UI] Added Right-click info to Guardian Select screen.