To celebrate the release of Crafting on Soul Locus, we are also announcing a Fan Art Contest!

To enter, tag your art on Tumblr or Twitter "#SoulLocus", THEN email us - with the subject line: Soul Locus Fan Art! with the image attached, and a link to your tumblr post or tweet. Preferably both!

The contest is open until July 15th!

To find out more about the game, check out our website -  We regularly update the blog with new art!

Lots of players have taken screenshots in the game! Check out our Steam Forums here -

You can draw one of our characters like Hacheep, make your own Wibble, Human or Dracophyte design or draw one of our Soul Guardians like Kimew or Dazzling!

7 Judges Choice Prizes!
3 keys, one for the winner and 2 for their friends!

Random Key Giveaway!
We'll also be giving out random keys to other entries, depending on how many people enter! The more entries we get, the more we'll give away using a Random Number Generator.

- You may enter multiple times, but will only qualify for one prize!
- Entries must be full color, digital or traditional, no lined paper.
- We must be able to find your entry tagged on tumblr/twitter through the end of the contest.