“In ancient times, the sea and the sky were in harmony.
But the Chaos god grew fickle and restless,
And sent great waves to swallow the land.

The fabled explorer Ambrose traveled to the edge of the world.
There he pleaded to the god of Order for aid,
And there the god of Order lifted the land to rest in the sky.

Though safe from the tides below, new threats began to emerge.
Chaos began to take shape in the wilds, blindly attacking all Order.
Mindless, formless beings invaded people's homes and villages.

But a new power awakened when the land ascended:
The ability to invoke the core of a person's being into the world,
And shape that essence into Guardians to protect Order!”


Dalifor is a beautiful but broken land that serves as the setting for Soul Locus. Hundreds of floating islands make up the world, pulled from the chaotic ocean thousands of years ago. Today the people of Dalifor are safe from the seas, but a new threat awaits! Chaos Corruptors emerge from the wilds and attempt to destroy all order, which includes the villages and cities that house the citizens of the islands.

All of the people of Dalifor are protected by gifted individuals that can summon a power from within themselves – their Soul Locus! They attend special schools, and after graduation are called Luminaries. All Luminaries must protect Dalifor using this unique power, honing in on their Soul Locus to draw out the Soul Guardians that protect the lands from the Corruptors.