Kimew is a powerful Bold Guardian available to all graduating Luminaries. While it starts off cute and cuddly, Kimew evolves to become increasingly more devastating! Kimew is best used where enemies will be bunched together tightly, especially if they’ve already taken some damage.

Due to its abilities, Kimew is great at utilizing large numbers of upgrades and buffs from other Guardians. Teams based on maximizing Kimew will see high returns for their effort. Buff Kimew up, send it in against a group of middling Corruptors, and watch its Shred ability decimate!

Outside defending the world from the forces of Chaos, Kimew is a courageous and kind companion for any Luminary! Each of our Guardians has a description in your Journal, and here are the tidbits for Kimew and its evolutions:

Kimew starts small with might and courage. In time it can become a torrent of fury.
Kimew loves snacks.

Kimarar is highly impulsive, leading some to believe it doesn't feel regret. It really just likes to live in the moment. Kimarar will demolish a bowl of snacks.

Kimaroar is very territorial about its Luminary. Its roar can be heard throughout an entire island. Its snacking potential knows no limits.

When Kimaul enters a rage it loses the ability to sense the past. Instead it can only see slightly into the future. Snacks will never be safe again.

Try out Kimew in your game today! Let us know what Guardians and strategies you've been enjoying!