Greetings Luminaries!

This week we'd like to introduce you to the creatures you summon in Soul Locus: Soul Guardians!

In the world of Dalifor, Soul Guardians can only be summoned up by Luminaries. Luminaries have a rare ability that allows them to pull from deep within themselves and form aspects of their personality into the real world! 

Guardians protect the cities and villages of Dalifor from Corruptors, the slimy forces of Chaos that seek to destroy places of Order. 

Luminaries are taught how to control their power at special schools all across the floating continents. Usually Luminaries specialize in one to three forms of Locus: Bold, Charming, Joyous, Valiant, Sly or Keen. Only Ambrose, the fabled ancient hero of Dalifor, was able to summon all six, and formed the first Academy in Dalifor. 

What's your favorite Locus? Are you more Charming? Or maybe Sly? Comment below!