Greetings Luminaries! 

The team wanted to take a few minutes and give our players an update on what we’ve been up to since the Early Access launch of Soul Locus: Cards of Order at the end of April:

We’ve got more than 10 tower defense levels of varying difficulties, and 2 endless levels!
We've been releasing new Guardians every week, with brand new abilities to try!
We’ve introduced 2 player abilities: Evolve, which lets you evolve rarer Guardians, and Augment, which lets you buff up a Guardian for 60 seconds. 

Soul Locus is now upgraded to Unity 5! We've been wanting to do this for a while and finally pushed it through. 

We’ve also participated in 2 local Seattle game events: iFest and Power of Play. 

iFest was great! We had folks from all ages trying out Soul Locus and Fat Loot's iOS title, Monster Stacker!

Power of Play was also a fantastic event! We were one of 5 finalists for SIGC, the Seattle Indie Game Competition. We won “Most Marketable”! It was awesome being able to show the game to so many folks in the industry and try out their games too! You can see a writeup of Soul Locus along with the other finalists here:

We’d also like to introduce you to our new moderator: Mel, known on Steam as sigilgoat. We brought on Mel as a local help around the office and now you'll also see their username helping out on the Steam forums!

The team is working hard on the large Crafting update, so we'll get back to it! Thanks for all of your support so far and we hope you all enjoy the evolution of Soul Locus.