Patch Notes:
[Update] We migrated from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5!

[New] Two levels and a new cave tile set added!
[New] Three Guardians added!
[Bug Fix] Prevented bugs caused by repeatedly clicking Start Mission
[Bug Fix] Bullets should no longer 'chase' enemies

[Bug Fix] Augment boosts are now reset when a mission ends
[Bug Fix] Augment no longer causes global buffs to be permanently enhanced
[Bug Fix] Corrected mouse cursor issues caused by Unity 5, but more may pop up
[UI] Added Total Waves to the game HUD
[UI] Prevented selecting towers through the Victory Screen
[UI] Added Highest Wave completed to Endless Level Preview. Does not save (yet)
[UI] Added a preview on the range upgrade button
[UI] Added a tooltip to New Game warning that you can only have one game at a time for now

In this week’s update we have 2 new levels, new level art, 3 new guardians and a whole bunch of bug fixes that you guys brought up to us on the forums! You’ll also see that we’ve added a Highest Wave indicator for Endless so you can see your high score and a wave indicator in each level so you can check your progress!

We hope you guys are loving this new content and it’s great to see all the new players! Have you checked out our community on the Steam Forums? Come and say hi!