Greetings Luminaries!
Our lead developer Jon has written up a new devblog for this week regarding our first big update: Crafting!
- - -
We've been releasing weekly updates focused on new content, but we're ramping up to a larger update that will take the team a few weeks to implement. It's an important milestone that introduces one of the most important game components: Crafting!

Crafting will introduce a new layer of progress and collection into the game. It changes so much that we may need to wipe saves and start fresh when this update comes out. If we do that, we hope to make it our only save wipe. Right now we're investigating ways to avoid having to do so at all, and it looks promising! But we want to be upfront with all of you that there is some chance we'll need to start over with new games in order to get the crafting system rolling.

Along with crafting, we will be adding a number of components that will replace the current rewards in levels. Players will be able to take a mix of three components and combine them to create a Guardian. Each Guardian has a specific recipe that players can discover in the crafting screen. There are also combinations to generate random Guardians outside of the recipes. We will not have all the Guardians or recipes released in this update. Recipes and the remaining Guardians will be added in future content patches following our crafting update. However, we should have dozens of available guardians at this point, which will give everyone something interesting to create.

Here's a mockup of our Crafting UI!

Balancing the component rewards and crafting progression will probably take a few updates to get right. We look forward to your feedback to help direct our improvements!

The second half of this update is regarding our save game system. Players will no longer be limited to a single save game! More importantly our save data should be well defined and stable for future updates. Our goal is to limit the possibility of needing to wipe player data, no matter what the game update involves. This feature is far less glamorous than crafting, even though it is a significant amount of work. We're making new UI screens and associating monster collections with a specific save profile. We won't be limiting your profile name to a single use, so you are welcome to use the same name for each profile.

Aside from the stability this will provide, we're sure that players will be happy to finally try each starter Guardian choice without losing any progress. The theme of this entire update is preserving the players game. We want players to be able to confidently invest in their Guardians and feel like their play time in Soul Locus is well invested.

Is there anything specific about the game you’d like to hear us discuss in a future devblog? Comment below!