This week we are introducing another of the peoples of Dalifor - Dracophytes!

Dracophytes do all things with a purpose. Once they've decided on a course of action, few things will stop them from doing what they intend to do! They are also extremely polite and empathetic, and tend to put other people first. Dracophytes have extremely good memories, they never forget a birthday!

Family groups of 1-3 children are common, but it's rare to have any more than that. All Dracophytes have a Calling, a particular course of action for their life. The same Calling frequently repeats itself in a family line.

They love to give gifts, especially ones that they've made themselves. Dracophytes are gifted sculptors, musicians and artists. They pride themselves in truly seeing the world around them, which makes them fantastic observational craftspeople.

They love the sun, and usually feel a little down if it's rainy for too long. The best way to perk up a Dracophyte is with a good cup of tea!