This week we are featuring one of the peoples of Dalifor: Wibbles!

Wibbles are a gregarious, fast-talking and friendly group of people that inhabit every part of Dalifor.

Their favorite pastime is Rollacross, a touring race around the continents. Wibbles are able to curl themselves into tight balls and roll themselves along the roads that connect villages and cities. Rollacross is a popular spectator sport, and also helps keeps the roads from being taken over by Chaos.

If you’ve made friends with a Wibble, you’re family! They care very much for their family groups, which are not bound by only blood relations. Social gatherings with Wibbles quickly turn into oversized parties where everyone is invited.

New experiences and learning are very important to Wibbles and it’s common for them to try out several professions in their lifetimes. Even doctors and teachers will end up doing something different later in life; there’s just too much to see to be stuck in one job forever!

We’re working hard to get all of our RPG segments ready so that you know more about the Wibbles soon!