The featured Guardian this week is….Rhyblitz!

Rhyblitz is one of the Soul Guardians gifted to Luminaries after graduation. With sharp eyes and sharper horns, Rhyblitz deals critical damage to invading Corruptors!

Rhyblitz increases its own damage and also lands critical hits, which means that for its low cost, Rhyblitz hits with massive brute force damage! With its Keen ability, it's great for taking down Armored Corruptors! Since Rhyblitz’s buff holds stats well, it’s ideal for teaming up with Guardians that have the Inspire, Energize, and Scout skills.

Here’s Rhyblitz’s Journal entry!

Rhyblitz is more intelligent than it looks. The best plan is often to hit hard.
They're highly ticklish.

Have you tried out Rhyblitz in your team? What did you think?