Fat Loot Games has some exciting news! We will be releasing Soul Locus: Cards of Order on Steam Early Access tomorrow, April 30th!

We are so excited to have our game on Steam and to give our fans the opportunity to play it early. We've been working hard for the past year to bring the game to you, and we hope you all have a great time checking it out!

The Early Access release of the game will have the following features: 

  • 30+ Soul Guardians to collect, train and summon
  • Opening tutorial
  • 5 tower defense levels with increasing difficulty and Soul Guardian rewards
  • Endless survival mode
  • Our first player ability: Evolve Soul Guardians!
  • Cards level up and towers upgrade in range, damage and speed

Our Steam forum is open for feedback and we're looking forward to hearing your experiences with our game!

Click above to visit our Steam page!